Out-House Lawyer

Providing ‘In-House’ Legal Counsel Services The Out-House Way”

A corporate “in-house” counsel is an invaluable resource for a company. An In-House counsel deals with the day-to-day legal issues of running the company and serve as the line of prevention when it comes to making business decisions that may have legal consequences against the company. Businesses that don’t have “in-house” counsel deal with these same business/legal issues. As a business owner, you need an experienced business lawyer you can call on to handle these business/legal issues.
We have developed an unique “Out-House” Legal Counsel practice with the goal of providing business clients with critical corporate legal services replicating, as much as possible, the methods, approach, and style of an “in-house” law department.
How does it work?

  • One of our lawyers will act as an ‘ in-house’ business lawyer.
  • He will be at your service at a fixed day in the week, for a term to be decided by you, e.g. 4 hours week, or 8, or 10. He can work at your premises or from am outside office, whatever you prefer.
  • The lawyer may have a company mail account to answer internal mail at all times, and can be presented as your in-house counsel to third parties.
  • You get a monthly invoice for time actually spent
  • If the services are not longer needed the contract can be terminated at any time, without, or with a very short notice period.


  • Feels as your own ‘In-House’ counsel;
  • We/your business lawyer will quickly adapt into your business environment and can work with you on all levels, including strategic decision making;
  • You work with senior business lawyers for relatively low fees;
  • Unlimited access to expert legal services;
  • Maximum flexibility;
  • No overhead;
  • Your company is continuously “protected” because of the continuous and easy available legal expertise; better be safe than sorry

Contact us for the proposition and you will receive a dedicated offer in no time